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High School

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Home Economics


·       Teaching staff = Mrs Winter & Mrs Gibson.

·       Teaching time = 1 hour per week.

·       Locations = R7 & R8.


Year 8 topics:

·       An Introduction to Home Economics

·       Basic Equipment

·       Where does our food come from?

·       Weighing & Measuring

·       The Cooker

·       Food Storage

·       Christmas Cookery

·       Healthy Eating

·       Caring & Sharing families

·       What the body needs to keep going?

·       Eat less sugar & saturated fat

·       Food Labelling

·       Food Allergies and Intolerances

Practical items:

Apple & Raspberry Crumble                                Beef & Vegetable Stir fry

Paddy Pizza                                                      Penne Pasta with a speedy tomato sauce

Cheese straws & choice of dip                       Pancakes

Scones                                                         Fruit Muffins

Chocolate Cupcakes                                        Sausage Rolls

Chicken Pasta Salad                                         Fresh Fruit Salad



Year 9 topics:


·       Nutrition Recap

·       Base your meals on starchy foods

·       Eat lots of fruit and vegetables

·       Managing Resources

·       Family Relationships

·       Christmas Cookery

·       Eat more fish

·       The Clean Scene

·       Vegetarianism

·       Don’t skip breakfast

·       Needs through the lifecycle (Toddlers-school aged children)

·       The Ethical Consumer

Practical items:

Oat & treacle bread                                              Fish & chips

Tropical breakfast bars                                         Popcorn

Leek & Potato Soup                                              Chicken Curry

Alternative Apple Tarts                                           Italian Mince

Shortbread                                                            Banana Bread

Vegetarian main dish of choice



Year 10 topics:


·       Food Provenance, Processing & Production

·       Eat Smart

·       Convenience Foods

·       Is your food full of it? Eat less salt

·       Foods from around the globe

·       Christmas Cookery

·       Needs of Adults and older adults

·       Diet Related Disorders

·       Money Matters

·       Adolescence

·       Consumerism


Practical items:

One pan Honey Chilli Chicken                                         Sweet & Sour Pork

Sweet Shortcrust Pastry                                                 Simple Bacon Risotto

Cornflake Tart                                                               Crispy Chilli Beef with noodles

Tuna Pasta  Bake                                                            Soda Bread

Tomato Soup                                                                  Thai red curry beef burgers

Pizza                                                                               Cookies (pupil choice)




Food & Nutrition


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