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11MG Assembly! ❤️

With both halls in use for GCSE exams, we are missing the opportunity to meet for assemblies.

Huge thanks must go to 11MG who recently delivered an assembly on ‘What Matters Most’.

The class’ key focus was on what we value in life.  The assembly ended with the words found in Philippians Chapter 4 Verse 8 and how we should apply the verse to our lives.

Congratulations to Sam E, Tilly M,  Robyn H, Debby G, Bethany H, Sophie C, Katie W, Ruby McN, Corey P, William H, Ryan C, Jamie F, Jessie I, Nina I, Ruby McC, Rachel D & Katie G on representing their class so well. Our thanks to Mrs Gibson, Mrs McCammon & Mrs Marshall for their input and encouragement too.




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