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Uniform may be purchased from

Lila's, Scotch Street, Armagh and Moorehead's, Bessbrook

Girls' Uniform

Markethill High School Blazer and crest
School Tie 
Grey Markethill High School pleated skirt*
White Blouse 
Black low-heeled shoes 

White knee socks/black tights 

School scarf (optional)
Black pullover (v-neck type) ((optional)) 

*Skirts are to be worn either fully covering the knee cap or partially covering the knee cap. As such, parents are advised to purchase a skirt at the start of the year which covers the knee cap entirely to allow for growth. Girls are not permitted to roll skirts up.

Boys' Uniform

Markethill High School blazer and crest
School Tie 
Black Trousers 
White shirt 
Black shoes (black laces) 

Black socks

School scarf (optional)
Black pullover (v-neck type) ((optional))

All uniform should be labelled with the owner’s name.  
Only the following outdoor clothing is acceptable to and from school: a dark (rain)coat (navy, black or grey). A fluorescent band or strip is encouraged for dark mornings / evenings. 
No hoodies are permitted to and from school and will be confiscated. 
Only the school scarf should be worn. All other scarves will be confiscated.

Girls' P.E. Uniform

White T-Shirt

Black shorts

MHS hockey shirt (optional)

School hooded sweater


Black tracksuit bottoms for Winter sports

Non-marking soled trainers (for indoor use)

Black socks

Boys' P.E. Uniform

Royal blue polo shirt (for indoors)

Black shorts

MHS Long-sleeved football shirt (optional)

MHS rugby/hockey shirt (optional)

School hooded sweater

Non-marking soled trainers (for indoor user)

Football boots for outdoor games

Black socks

All P.E. kit should be labelled with the owner’s name. Shinguards and gum-shields are needed for hockey and rugby. Pupils should bring a towel and deodorant for all P.E. / Games classes. 



Hair should be kept a natural colour at all times.  We do not permit hair colouring, tints, dyes, highlights (boys and girls), knots or extreme shapes and styles where one part of the head looks very different from another part.  This includes tipped hairstyles.  Hair should not be cut shorter than a “Number 2”.  Boys should be clean shaven. Hairbands must be black. No other hair adornments may be worn. 


One plain ring and watch only may be worn. Smart watches are not permitted. Pupils with pierced ears may wear a maximum of one small stud (gold or silver) only in each lower ear lobe.  Body piercing and tooth jewels are not permitted. No other jewellery, including rubber bracelets, is permitted. 

Make-up is not permitted. Nail varnish is not permitted. Tattoos are not permitted.

The following badges are the only ones permitted to be worn on school uniform:
          (i)  a badge representing a recognised youth organisation.
          (ii)  a badge noting significant achievement e.g. prefect, DoE Award.
          (iii)  a charity badge purchased in school.

The Principal reserves the right to send a pupil home for unacceptable uniform / appearance.

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