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Rushmere Tradefair

At the trade fair in Rushmere Shopping Centre, we had a number of opportunities to sell and promote our product. We ended up selling a few trackers, and it was great practice for learning how to encourage the public to buy our product in the future.

As well as selling our product, we also got to meet other companies from schools in our local area, and also a few from the Republic of Ireland. It was encouraging to see a range of products from different companies, and also their creative ideas on the way they display, promote and sell their product.

During this trade fair, we had numerous sets of judges asking us questions about our product, and our company plan for the future. In addition to this, we were visited by the Mayor of Armagh, Arlene Foster (MLA) and the owner of Moy Park.

Although we didn't bring home any awards, this trade fair was a great opportunity to boost our sales, gather ideas from other companies and get feedback on ways we can improve our company.

A big thank-you goes to Miss Young for her organisation and support at this event.

By Shannon Hendren (11JC)

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