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Young Enterprise Company Programme

On Tuesday 3rd October 2017, our school’s Young Enterprise group took a trip to Craigavon Civic Centre to learn more about the Young Enterprise Company Programme. We walked into the hall with no real idea of what product we were going to make. Our first exercise was to identify a common problem in our world. We thought about the problem people have with losing items, for example your dog, keys and also forgetting where you have parked. This exercise helped us think of a problem that we could solve with a product. This was very useful as people would want to buy a product that would be of benefit them. At stage 2 we had to identify the potential user segments to help us figure out who the target audience for our product would be.

Net we had to try to come up with a product that wold help with the problem of losing things and possibly solve the problem. We came up with many ideas such as a GPS tracer that you attach to your object e.g. your keys. Then we had to determine how unique the product was and whether it was low value or high value. This helped us create the ideal product that would catch the consumer’s attention, a product that people would buy and a product which would make the company money. At this stage we also had to identify our competition, costs and how we would make money. Again this helped us create a product that would be unique and make us a profit.

The YEP day really helped our group as it gave us a better idea on the kind of product we should create that people would want to buy and which would make us money. We had lots of help throughout the day from Paul Reavey (Brilliant Red Consultancy) and also Emma Gribben (Digital by Emma) who is our business adviser for the year. We are really looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that being part of the Young Enterprise Company Programme presents.

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