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Young Enterprise Celebration Gala

On the 5th April both young enterprise companies, Unity and Echo, from Markethill High School attended ‘The Big Celebration’ gala which was hosted in the Titanic Centre, Belfast.

Throughout the day our companies attended different workshops including ‘The Big Exhibit’ and ‘The Star Pass.’ Being part of the young enterprise company has tested all of our skills in different situations which would occur in the workplace. However, in ‘The Star Pass’ it focused on how to act under interview conditions. There were many tips which every young person in the room could benefit from in the near future.

I feel that one of the most worthwhile events which happened throughout the day was when we listened to personal experiences during ‘The Big Panel.’ There was a group of people who were interviewed on their journey to becoming a successful business manager. This encouraged many of our company members and helped direct them in the right way for their future career path.

Finally, at the end of the day there was the awards ceremony, which was hosted by Marc Mallot. All of the companies which attended received a certificate for their participation throughout the year. Unfortunately, neither of our companies won any awards but the rest of the day was a very educational experience and every individual learnt something.

By Grace Boyd (11CW)

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