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Young Enterprise group interview day

On Wednesday 15th March, 4 pupils from each Young Enterprise group, Unity and Echo, attended an interview at which we presented our company's products to an interview panel. Each group of pupils gave a 4 minute presentation on their products which was then followed by multiple questions based on each business's product. We all took this in our stride and thoroughly enjoyed the brilliant experience in which this provided each of us with. These interviews not only put us in the running for awards, but gave us the experience we would need for future job interviews. We were given this brilliant opportunity through the Young Enterprise programme.

Throughout the course of the 2016/17 academic year, 17 pupils have participated in this scheme. One of the companies, Unity, set out to sell candles of various scents, accompanied with quaint, handmade jars. This business venture proved to be extremely successful and there were a high number of sales. The second company, Echo, determined that personalised slates was the best option, as they were aesthetically pleasing and functioned in a way that was inclusive to everyone in today's society. This was deemed a very wise decision as there was a large turn over and a high demand.

During the course of this year, each member of both companies were given the opportunity to apply for the Entrepreneur of the Future award. Both Daniel Hutchinson and Hannah Wilkinson were shortlisted and given an interview. When applying, applicants were required to provide details of their business plans for the future, which they were then questioned about during their interview. These interviews provided further experience for both Daniel and Hannah as they both hope to become entrepreneurs in the future, which has been strengthened further through their admiration for GCSE Business Studies.

Overall, the Young Enterprise scheme and interview day has proved to be a very worthwhile experience, giving each young person the opportunity to acquire new skills and strengthen skills already obtained.

This experience would not have been possible without the dedication of both Mr Parks and Miss Young, who fully supported each group throughout the year.

By Hannah Wilkinson (11CW)

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