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Trip to Coca Cola

On Wednesday 9th November we travelled to Lisburn on a trip to the Coca-Cola factory. We went there to learn about the business and how it linked into the work we were doing in class.

Firstly, when we got there we went into a cinema room. Here there was a film presented to us about who was in charge of Coca-Cola and when the business started. We were told when the business was established and who started it. Coca Cola existed from 1886 and was founded by a man named John Pemberton. John then passed the company on and so on to the owners now in 2016 called Muhtar Kent and James Quincy. These two individuals are the only people in the world who know the ‘7X’ recipe for Coca-Cola. These two aren’t allowed to travel together in case they don’t come out alive. This part of our trip lasted approximately an hour and we were given a cold, refreshing drink.

After we found out about the people involved in Coca-Cola we went on a tour around the factory, looking at all the different lines. It was very interesting as you could see different products being made, starting from the bottles being made themselves to being filled. The factory is approximately 45 acres therefore took quite a while to walk around. We got to see so much being done which you would never think of. Most of the lines don’t have many people working on them as they are run by machines.

Finally, we went to the interactive area. In here there were different games such as cycling, football and air hockey. Around the walls there was information and facts about the company and their products. As well as the facts, information and games there was a little merchandise shop. Everyone had good fun here.

In conclusion we all had a good day at the Coca-Cola factory and everyone learnt new facts and information about the company and products that they never knew before. It was a good day even though we didn’t get to stop at McDonalds on the way home.

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