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Markethill High School students come out on top at the Southern Regional College Awards!

Markethill Tops SRC Awards & Skill Build Competitions

Markethill High School pupils continue to benefit from undertaking Occupational Studies at the Armagh campus of the Southern Regional College. Currently 55 pupils attend the Lisanally campus each Friday, working in a variety of practical-based subjects or BTEC courses.

The year 12 cohort that are leaving had no less than five subject winners:

Chantelle Mc Cullough – Hair & Beauty

Lukas Malakauskis- Vehicle Servicing & Valeting Operations

Tommy Helliwell – Electrical Wiring Installation

Daniel Calvin- Maintenance of Land Based Machinery

Samuel Herron- Sheet Metal Manufacturing Techniques

Chantelle also won the Michael McCoo Cup for Best Overall Girl. She had a total of 343 marks (two grade As) over the two years and from her two units. In Year 11, her subjects were Working in a Care Environment and Reminiscence with Individuals in a Care Environment; then in Year 12 she undertook Manicure & Nail Art with Shampooing & Conditioning Treatments. Next year Chantelle is returning to Armagh SRC to start Level 3 diploma in childcare as she wants to be a nurse or social worker. In the Skill Build Competition back in January, Markethill had 6 medallists and topped the SPP Medal table.

There were three bronze medallists:

Jessica Mc Sorley - Creative Styling using Blow Drying Techniques

Susan Menary - Contemporary Cuisine

Samuel Herron - Manufacturing Techniques – Sheet Metal

And three gold medallists:

Chantelle McCullough - Manicure & Nail Art

Adam Alderdice - Vehicle Servicing & Valeting Operations

Mark Alderdice - Electrical Wiring Installation

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