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Markethill High School pupils help to raise money for Action MS!

During March 2015 a group of pupils got up early one Saturday morning to participate in a sponsored walk to raise money for Action MS. Over the years the local community has raised thousands of pounds by sponsoring our pupils and last year was no exception.

£1041 was raised and what was so amazing about last year's fundraising that this amount of money was raised by about 20 pupils. The money just kept coming in, thanks to the generosity of parents, friends and families.

Each year any pupils who raise over £100 are invited to an Awards Luncheon in Belfast to receive their certificates. Joanna McCammon and Clara Agnew travelled to the Ramada Hotel in Belfast along with Mrs McMaster to be awarded their certificates. We didn't realise until we got there that our school was actually going to receive a special award.

£185,000 was raised by all the schools who participated in various different walks. The school who raises the most money receives the “Bronze Boot” award. This year's winner was Fort Hill Integrated College. Another special award goes to the school who raises the highest average amount per pupil and imagine our delight when our name was called out. The girls were delighted to be going up again to receive the award.

This year's walk has just taken place. On 19th March pupils and staff gathered in Gosford Forest to complete a lap of the forest and importantly to help raise money for Action MS. With the support of our very generous local community we hope to be able to raise a similar amount to last year or !maybe even exceed it.

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