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Pastoral Care

The high quality of Markethill High School’s pastoral care provision has been recognised as a strength by the Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) and the school places great emphasis on the provision of appropriate Pastoral Care for all pupils. Furthermore, in November 2015, Markethill High School was recognised by ETI as one of two schools with best practice in attendance. Our attendance is currently at its highest ever (96.5%), and well above the average for Northern Irish schools.
A system has been designed to build up the pupils’ confidence which enables them to understand themselves as individuals and to develop sound relationships with other pupils and staff at the school.

Key members of the pastoral team are as follows:  

  • Senior Teachers in charge of Pastoral Care: Miss Poole and Mrs Henry

  • Year Teachers: Mrs Elliott, Mrs Preston, Mrs McMaster, Mrs Hargan, Miss Howe

  • Form Teachers who look after a particular form class.

The Form Teacher assigned to each class will endeavour to build a good relationship with each pupil and is also responsible for primary guidance, counselling and discipline throughout Key Stage 3. Each pupil meets with his/her Form Teacher for registration or assembly and for the designated pastoral lesson in the timetable in Years 8-10. The Form Teacher is a key contact for you, should your child or you have any concerns. 

All pupils in Years 8-10 follow a programme of Personal Development. Form Teachers and Year Teachers are supported by Senior Teachers and the Principal, Mr Maxwell. 

In 2012 Markethill High School introduced a School Council and a School Mentoring Scheme whereby Year 12 pupils ‘buddy’ and support new Year 8 pupils. The school also introduced an induction morning and study skills evening for Year 8 parents in 2015. 

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