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Head of History: Mrs I. Gray
Staff: Mrs J. Norris

History is taught to all pupils in Years 8 -10 and is an option at GCSE Level.



In Years 11 and 12 History can be chosen as a GCSE option. 

The Exam Board we use for GCSE History is CCEA.

GCSE History is

  • A motivating qualification with a Northern Ireland dimension.

  • An excellent foundation for studying GCE A level and beyond.

  • Valuable preparation for careers in law, research, travel and tourism, social and community work, administration, government, libraries, journalism, media, teaching, etc.

  • It cultivates knowledge and understanding by exploring the significance of historical events, people, changes and issues through an in-depth and outline study of selected periods and aspects of history.

  • It develops an understanding of how the past has been represented and interpreted.


What Will Pupils Study and How Will They Be Assessed?

  • All candidates will take two written papers and controlled assessment. The syllabus provides pupils with a detailed look at the 20th Century.

  • There are two tiers of entry: Foundation grades C - G and Higher grades A* - D (E). There is a common assessment approach for both tiers.


Paper 1: Unit 1-Studies in Depth 

Section A: Germany c 1918-1941 - 25%
A study of Germany between the World Wars, focusing on the rise and rule of the Nazis and the results of this for the German people and for Europe, including the threat and outbreak of World War II.

Section B: Peace, War and Neutrality - Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland and the Second World War c 1932-1949 - 25%

Focusing on the changing relationship between Britain and Ireland in the 1930’s, the Home Front in World War II (evacuation, rationing, blackout), the Blitz, the Battle of the Atlantic and the Battle of Britain. 

  • External examination set and marked by CCEA

  • Short answer questions and structured questions


Paper 2: Outline Study – Unit 2-Super Power Relations 1945-1991- 25%

This looks at the changing relationship between America and Russia after the Second World War. It includes the study of the Korean War, the Berlin Wall, Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam War, etc. 

  • External examination set and marked by CCEA

  • Structured questions, one question requiring the use of source material


Investigative Study- (Controlled Assessment)-25%

Unit 3-Support for and Opposition to the Vietnam War

  • Internally assessed and externally moderated by CCEA.

  • There is one assignment task common to both Foundation and Higher Tiers.


The History Department of Markethill High School has traditionally enjoyed an excellent success rate at Grades A* to C in GCSE History, with results consistently higher than the Northern Ireland averages. A particularly pleasing trend is the strong candidate performance within the A* to B grade range.

Living History; a Re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings, Open Night 2016
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