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Design & Technology

Design & Technology is taught to all pupils in Years 8 -10.

At GCSE Level there are a number of routes pupils can choose, including Graphic Products as aseparate GCSE Design and Technology option.


All pupils study Technology and Design at KS3.

The pupils are allocated two periods per week.

During KS3 the pupils are given the opportunity to produce a range of small projects using wood, metal and plastic. A range of hand and machine tools are used in the production of these projects.

Basic electronics is also covered while working through this Key Stage and these electronic circuits are incorporated into some of the practical projects.

As we are working in a practical environment all pupils study and are made aware of all aspects and the importance of Health and Safety in the production of practical artefacts. This is emphasised in Year 8, especially, when we cover Health and Safety as a specific ‘Theme’.

While working through this Key Stage the pupils are also introduced to a range of drawing skills. Different methods of producing two and three dimensional drawings are practised, using both hand and CAD methods of production. The CAD packages used are Solidworks and Autodesk Architectural Desktop.

The Key Stage 3 course also involves the study of types of structures . This is done by investigating bridge construction and models are made and tested.

The specific themes for years nine and ten are the study of Mass Production  for Year 9 and Sustainability for Year 10.

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